The WW2 Photos of Joan Lockyer - From Cairo to Perugia | Diary of a Nurse in WW2

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The WW2 Photos of Joan Lockyer


Library of WW2 photos
by Joan Lockyer, 1941-45

Joan Lockyer took many photos during her time as a nurse in WW2. This photo library shows the photos used in the book, plus collections of further photos not used in the book and available only here.

We have no idea what kind of camera she used (it would have been relatively simple, a 'brownie' type camera) or how she got hold of film during the war and had pictures developed.

The photos were entered by Joan into photo albums, from which we have re-photographed selected photos for use in the book and in this picture library.

There are several collections in this photo library:
- from the book: 1941
- from the book: 1942
- from the book: 1943-45
- Joan, close friends and associates
- more friends and associates
- medical and nursing photos
- military photos
- travels in Egypt
- travels around the Middle East - Palestine, Iraq, Libya
- photos from Sicily and Italy

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